About Our Program

Starting with projects that require you to use your head, not repeat lessons from a textbook, Loyola's Department of Computer Science offers an education that builds skills and careers. These are just a few of the reasons our program is distinctive:

  • A commitment to the Jesuit traditions of scholarship, lifelong learning, and service.
  • Classes are taught by experienced faculty.
  • Our campus is a short ride from downtown Chicago. We offer classes at the Water Tower Campus and Lake Shore Campus.
  • Excellent laboratory facilities, including Windows and Linux development labs, and a wireless interaction area.
  • Our schedules can work around your life.
  • We offer a wide base of study that will help prepare you for a long, fulfilling career in computer science.
  • Our professors work in the business world, bringing real-world problems and solutions to the classroom.
  • We use a systematic methodology that teaches you how to think, not what to think. This will prepare you for the challenging, ever-changing world of computer science.
  • Computer science continues to be a lucrative field. This positive outlook is expected to continue(e.g., see this related digest).

Prospective undergraduates can follow a more complete introduction here