CS Undergraduate Students Present Innovative Research Projects

CS Undergraduate Students Present Innovative Research Projects
Undergraduate Students Present Innovative Research Projects

June 14, 2024 - Four computer science undergraduates recently showcased their research at the College of Arts and Sciences’ Undergraduate Summer Research Experience (USRE) program. Over the past four weeks, these students worked on their projects and presented their findings on Friday to an audience of students, staff, faculty, family, and friends.

Francis Olakangil, mentored by Dr. George Thiruvathukal, researched how to make software more portable and secure. His project, “Enhancing Software Portability and Security: A Systematic Evaluation of Unikernels and Library OS Containerization,” looked at new technologies that could improve software performance and safety.

Lynette Lim and Katarina Krivokapic, working with Dr. Eric Chan-Tin, studied ways to slow the spread of misinformation. Their project, “Slowing Spread of Misinformation Through Inoculation,” aimed to find methods to help people recognize and resist false information.

Kentaro Fujii, also mentored by Dr. Eric Chan-Tin, focused on protecting user privacy online. His research, “Defense Against Website Fingerprinting Attacks,” explored techniques to prevent tracking of users’ web activities.

The USRE program (more information at USRE Program) gives students the chance to do hands-on research and learn from experienced mentors. The presentations on June 14 highlighted the impressive work these students accomplished, showing great promise for the future of computer science.