Loyola University Chicago Excels in VIVID Competition

Loyola University Chicago Excels in VIVID Competition

Loyola University Chicago proudly had two teams compete in the VIVID competition, held from March 11 to March 14. The event brought together talented participants from various institutions to show their skills in a challenging and creative environment.


  • Team 1, known as "7968," includes five exceptional students: Josh Honig, Madeline Moran, Nathan Ferrell, Mahnoor Aftab, and Sophia Homan.

  • Team 2, accordingly named "Loyola 2," consisted of Arrianna Szymczak and Laila Hamdan. Despite being a smaller team, they exhibited tremendous teamwork and resilience.

Among the fierce competition, Team 1 (7968) achieved an outstanding 29th place out of 91 teams, while Team 2 (Loyola 2) secured an impressive 44th place. These rankings are a testament to all team members' dedication, hard work, and creativity.

The featured photo is a group photo capturing the spirit of camaraderie and achievement, Josh, Lucy, Nathan, Sophia, Mahnoor, and Madeline proudly posed together. Their smiles radiated the satisfaction of a job well done, each member contributing their unique strengths to the team's success.

Loyola University Chicago continues to foster a vibrant and supportive environment for its students to explore their passion for design and innovation. The university's emphasis on collaborative learning and hands-on experiences has undoubtedly played a significant role in preparing its students for success in prestigious competitions like VIVID.

Faculty Coach - Dr. Eric Chan-Tin:

Behind every successful team lies a mentor who provides guidance, support, and expertise. Loyola University Chicago's team was fortunate to have Dr. Eric Chan-Tin as their faculty coach. Dr. Chan-Tin's extensive knowledge and experience in the field of cybersecurity proved instrumental in honing the team's skills and preparing them for the challenges they encountered in the competition. His mentorship and dedication played a pivotal role in shaping the team's success.

Well done, teams!